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Angle Design was founded in 1986 by Michael Wall, and incorporated in 1990. Since then the company has developed a significant client base - principally within British Columbia's manufacturing sector.

The range of products we've designed is extensive, including electronics, lighting, woodworking equipment, medical equipment and cameras. A high proportion of these projects have a technical component - involving the design of mechanisms and other devices - often requiring close collaboration with the client's engineering department and their suppliers. Our comfort in working with in-house technical staff is, in large part, responsible for our success in this sector.

Typically, we enter the design process at the beginning of product development, envisioning how the product will look, feel and operate, given the client’s functional and marketing requirements. We manage the process through concept design, detail design, prototyping, tooling and production phases.

Michael Wall is a professional member and past chairman of BCID – the British Columbia Industrial Designers Association.